Chicago Counselor at The Center for Grief Recovery Chicago Counselor at The Center for Grief Recovery

And all subsided in the hush
that followed, in the calm
of great wings folding
and shadowy forms lying down.

I rose and left that room,
the house of my grief
and my bondage, my book
never again to be opened.

To see as once I saw,
steadied by the darkness
in which I walked
and would make my way.

John Haines

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Coaching and Individual Consultation

Personal Coaching
Are you trying to live your best life? Do you find yourself running into the same traps? You might be ready for coaching. Coaching leverages and harnesses your positive attributes, helps you to assess your skills, provides you with alternative perspectives, and helps you to set healthy and attainable goals that support balance in your life. Methodologies include self-awareness instruments, skill-building, experiential exercises, and more. In one case, an individual felt less isolated in his care-giving role by developing an action plan that changed his routines and got him the support he needed. In another case, a young woman left a negative job situation and sought coaching to learn what she really wanted to do in life. If you are at a crossroads and want support in career decision-making, lifestyle choices, developing a plan of action, or if your life energy needs a jumpstart, personal coaching is for you.

Individual Consultation*
If you want to understand yourself relative to a particular context, individual consultation can help you to get a new or different perspective. This service can take many forms, such as learning more about group processes, looking at your leadership style, or understanding how to operate more effectively in a multicultural setting. Below are some specific examples.

Personal Awareness in Groups
Most of us spend an extraordinary amount of time in groups. Yet we may have fears about being accepted, we show up with our histories from other groups, we play out unconscious habits and roles. Gaining a better understanding of the typical ways groups operate and setting strategies about how to function better within your work team, your family environment, your volunteer group, or any other kind of group is the focus. As a result, you will be more at ease and more effective in group contexts.

Relational Leadership Consulting
We are all leaders but often don’t give ourselves permission to act in ways that can support us, the people around us, and the organizations in which we work. Build on your current skills by distinguishing between managing and leading, practicing interpersonal techniques, learning ways to work across departments, and demystifying team dynamics. You will enhance and challenge your leadership abilities and develop strategies for bringing these new skills into the work context. As a result, you will be able to lead groups and help teams achieve their goals.

Multicultural and Diversity Coaching
If you are a manager struggling with diversity on your team or an employee trying ease conflict at work, you may benefit from multicultural and diversity awareness coaching. We live in a mosaic country made up of many people of diverse backgrounds, family histories, personal styles, and cultures. In the safety of a one-on-one relationship with a professional, you can delve into your own background, gain an awareness of the influence of culture and subcultural stereotypes, and deepen your appreciation of the diversity of others. As a result, you will increase your ability to deal effectively with differences and increase your confidence to operate from a place of compassion with the inevitable conflicts that arise.

Cultural Adjustment Consulting
Are you preparing to live in a different country? Have you recently moved to the U.S. from your homeland or returned to the U.S. from time abroad? Since most Americans have not lived overseas and the majority do not travel internationally, many people may not understand what you are going through. We will explore normal adjustment processes, subcultural norms and ways to connect into the community. You will understand better the challenges you face “at home” and build a context for a smooth adjustment.

* Any of the consulting services can be modified for groups.

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The Center is expanding.

Center for Grief Recovery and Therapeutic Services has immediate openings for two full-time licensed psychologists. Click here for more information

The Center is expanding. Click here to for more about our newest clincial professional counselor, Elizabeth Cerven

New Groups

The Center is now taking names for new Healing Our Losses Group. See attached flyer and FAQ for detailed info. Contact Us by phone or email to find out more.

New Workshops
Center colleague Allan Schnarr, MDiv, PhD offering new CHANGE OF HEART . . . . Vulnerability and Self-transcendence workshop . . . [read more]

Center colleague Allan Schnarr, MDiv, PhD offering new "TRANSFORMING LOVE - Creativity as a way of new life" workshop . . . [read more]

News and Events
Thank You! Our 30th Anniversary celebration was a hit. To read more, click on this link.

Center Grief Recovery celebrates 30 Years with Open House Fundraiser. To learn more, click on this link.

We are excited to announce that Paul Martin, PsyD has become the Center's assistant director. To learn more about Paul's practice click on this link.

The Center Expands Again! Please join us in welcoming Megan Kelleher, LCSW who comes to us with wonderfully empathic presence, and a broad range of helping skills. You can learn more about her by visiting our Therapists section or clicking on this link.

Community Walk for Grief Support: Celebrating 25 Years of Transformation
The Center celebrated its 25th year anniversary with a fund raiser walk in Rogers Park, Chicago on June 4.
[read more]

New Articles

New interview on ideas for what to say and do to support the bereaved, by the Center's Meg Kelleher, LCSW. [read here]

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The Difference Between Grief and Mourning - It is critical to know the difference between grief and mourning. Both processes are there to help the bereaved face the reality that their loved one is gone and then to slowly begin to accommodate to that fact. [read more]


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