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And all subsided in the hush
that followed, in the calm
of great wings folding
and shadowy forms lying down.

I rose and left that room,
the house of my grief
and my bondage, my book
never again to be opened.

To see as once I saw,
steadied by the darkness
in which I walked
and would make my way.

John Haines

About The Center for Grief Recovery & Therapeutic Services

Meet the Counselors and Psychotherapists Here

Over the decades we have done as much as possible to increase understanding of the issues involved in bereavement and loss, working to sensitize both the lay and professional communities, while offering direct services to bereaved individuals.

Our therapeutic services provide individual, family, and group experiences. A number of different formats have been developed and several pamphlets published.

Additionally, we provide staff training, consultation, and presentations to institutions and groups. As the concept has grown, our mission broadened and we now serve those who have experienced any type of loss or emotionally intense situation.

The Center’s mission is to empower individuals to heal themselves and enrich their lives.

We have worked with hundreds of people in individual and group sessions. Very few have been unable to utilize our methods. The majority have clearly stated that they feel unblocked, have a wider range of feelings and a richer emotional life, have increased capacity for intimacy, interpersonal competence, and understanding of their own feelings and behavior patterns. They feel more connected to their bodies, to their selves, and to others. Past clients have said:

“I was able to let go of some of the hurt and anger and sadness I had buried inside me for so long and to start the healing process. I learned new skills in how to reach out to others and how to give to others when they reach out to me.”

J.E., New Jersey

“I continually feel exhilaration and new self-respect when I see how much I’ve grown and how close I am getting to the absolutely most creative force available to me. I’m learning now that my personal power in life is always in direct proportion to my ability to open my heart and share my love with the world around me.”

J. B., Chicago

“I now realize the truth of the idea that everything that has happened to us is carried in our bodies. An inner weight that twisted, tied, and weighed on me is gone. My mind is clearer and decisions easier.”

M.J., New York


Short History of the Center

Celebrating 25 Years of Transformation!

The Center for Grief Recovery opened its doors on July1, 1985, as the Rothman-Cole Center for Sibling Loss, the first of its kind in the country and the creation of Dr. Jerry Rothman, PhD, and attorney Tom Cole, both of whom lost siblings early in life. Shepherded by Dr. Rothman until his death in 2002, the Center expanded its mission to include all types of loss and people of all ages.

Settling in East Rogers Park in 1995, the Center not only developed the expertise to handle a wide variety of emotionally intense issues in addition to grief and loss, but also became a forerunner in the development of creative treatment and training methods for individuals, agencies, and psychotherapy professionals. The Center has continued to meet today’s needs of the community under the capable direction of David Fireman, MSW, LCSW, and the Center’s dedicated and talented team of five diverse and skilled therapists.

Do you want to believe good is on the other side of grief? As members of The Better Business Bureau, The Center for Grief Recovery and The Institute for Creative Development have served as Chicago counselors and therapists for more than a quarter century. We help people heal from grief into creativity.

Dr. Jerry Rothman lost his brother in a hunting accident and directed his devastation into the eventual co-founding of The Center for Grief Recovery. Every journey to recovery begins with loss, a change, a longing to move in a different direction. On the other hand, the looming terror of endless unhappiness drives us to avoid our deepest pain. But grief is normal and not permanent.

Each of our Chicago counselors and coaches creates a safe environment for you to express your deepest hurts and frustrations. We then offer you tools and patient, reliable guidance every step of the way towards feeling better. Our team each specializes in bereavement, coaching our peers, advising the news media, and nurturing companies through the grief process. We help you integrate feelings and experiences to move beyond helplessness and hopelessness into a life of new possibilities.

The world may seem unstable and knock you off balance. But that fall can lead you to a new and better place. That’s why we founded Institute for Creativity and Development for both individuals and organizations who wonder about Chicago counseling methods. Our proprietary method, Blended Experiential Therapy, merges artistic traditions with biofeedback, freeing you to be more spontaneous to the potential within each moment of your day. Does your workday focus more on fixing mistakes rather than doing what you were hired to do? As a manager, do you spend more time dealing with politics than improving process? Our change management consultancy applies a four-step process to empower your organization to identify and solve its own problems.

We work with individuals, couples and partnerships, families, corporations, and organizations. If you want to learn about Chicago counseling, Chicago counselors, therapy, marriage counseling, coaching, or organizational development, please call us for a free consultation at (773) 274-4600


The Center presents the first in a series of professional development workshops. Please join us in our newly remodeled office suite for this exciting CEU sponsored event! Click here for details: Download flyer here

The Center is expanding.

Center for Grief Recovery and Therapeutic Services has immediate openings for two full-time licensed psychologists. Click here for more information

The Center is expanding. Click here to for more about our newest clincial professional counselor, Elizabeth Cerven

New Groups

The Center is now taking names for new Healing Our Losses Group. See attached flyer and FAQ for detailed info. Contact Us by phone or email to find out more.

New Workshops
Center colleague Allan Schnarr, MDiv, PhD offering new CHANGE OF HEART . . . . Vulnerability and Self-transcendence workshop . . . [read more]

Center colleague Allan Schnarr, MDiv, PhD offering new "TRANSFORMING LOVE - Creativity as a way of new life" workshop . . . [read more]

News and Events
Thank You! Our 30th Anniversary celebration was a hit. To read more, click on this link.

Center Grief Recovery celebrates 30 Years with Open House Fundraiser. To learn more, click on this link.

We are excited to announce that Paul Martin, PsyD has become the Center's assistant director. To learn more about Paul's practice click on this link.

The Center Expands Again! Please join us in welcoming Megan Kelleher, LCSW who comes to us with wonderfully empathic presence, and a broad range of helping skills. You can learn more about her by visiting our Therapists section or clicking on this link.

Community Walk for Grief Support: Celebrating 25 Years of Transformation
The Center celebrated its 25th year anniversary with a fund raiser walk in Rogers Park, Chicago on June 4.
[read more]

New Articles

New interview on ideas for what to say and do to support the bereaved, by the Center's Meg Kelleher, LCSW. [read here]

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Ideas About Mourning - For the griever the future feels shattered; everything hoped for is broken and gone/ lost like a broken mirror. [read more]

Myths and Realities of Mourning - Regrettably, our society maintains a host of unrealistic assumptions and inappropriate expectations when it comes to the work of grief and mourning. Here are some myths to consider: [read more]

The Difference Between Grief and Mourning - It is critical to know the difference between grief and mourning. Both processes are there to help the bereaved face the reality that their loved one is gone and then to slowly begin to accommodate to that fact. [read more]


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